vendredi 27 mai 2016

Windows 10 stuck at the lock screen

Last Saturday, I spent nearly four hours making an attempt to revive a Windows ten pc that appeared to crash at the lock screen. i attempted everything, from BIOS settings to booting from associate install disk and making an attempt repairs

Nothing worked. The oral communication turned to things like putting in Linux or shopping for a replacement copy of Windows. There appeared to be no thanks to get this pc operational once more. even as i used to be getting ready to quit i attempted one thing very easy, and it worked

The issue

This explicit laptop – associate Asus CP6230 – had recently been upgraded from Windows seven to ten, that had caused problems with a printer driver. It had so been fixed to a recent ‘restore point”, once that it might “freeze” at the lock screen (the one with the gorgeous image and therefore the clock, wherever you wish to click to log in)

The computer’s owner and that i had dominated out a mouse/keyboard hardware failure as a result of it had been unlikely that each would fail at the same time, and since they each worked fine on the BIOS screen. What we tend to hadn’t althought of though, was a driver issue

Windows wasn’t ignoring my clicks, it ne'er felt them

As a final resort, I steered we tend to plug a spare mouse into the computer’s front USB three.0 ports. Instantly, a mouse pointer appeared, and that we were able to click the screen to reveal the logon screen. because it clothed , the USB 2.0 ports on the rear of the laptop not worked. Device manager shows the USB two.0 controllers as “unknown devices” and refuses to put in a driver. however Windows – it seems – was simply fine. we tend to simply hadn’t been able to access it

So briefly, If Windows doesn’t reply to your mouse and/or keyboard, attempt plugging those into completely different ports. ideally ports with a distinct controller (and so driver)