vendredi 22 février 2013

Télécharger Xidie Security Suite [ v 2013 ]

Xidie it’s an entire security suite with several modules integrated into one application. By feat Xidie you have got 
Xidie steganography: is one in all the foremost complete, innovative and complicated application in steganography branch. provide over forty carrier varieties together with several new technologies like ADS, Microsoft workplace carrier, written record keys etc.Most of carrier varieties enforced in Xidie area unit distinctive
Tiff and Word, stand out workbooks, Access databases
Registry keys, Microsoft console documents, Event log files
Cookies, subtitles, wordbook and PDF documents
Alternate information streams and attaching methodology with multiple files carrier
Unique noise technology on some carrier kind
Time date stamp: the stego-document have same date-time stamp as original carrier document
Stretch image technology
Xidie archivator: a strong tool that permits you to form, manage and management archive files. Work with a special designed format Xidie archive (.zxc extension) however additionally may manage nada compatible archives. This module is analogous with several different industrial applications like WinZip, WinRar and different giving similar compression quantitative relation.
Xidie secure archives: a files and folders secret writing utility, protective your files with a key designed from a arcanum or a key disk, in order that solely you have got access to the contents. additionally Xidie secure-archives implement public key secret writing algorithms that enable you to firmly send documents over associate degree un-secure communication
Shredder: secure delete files and folders
Backup utilities
CD burner
FTP transfer
HTTP downloads
Direct mail
Folder backup 
Quick tablet
System utilities: represent a collection of tools for observation performance and different parameters of your laptop. 
Password keeper: all accounts info from e-mail, Internet, Ftp accounts and additionally all passwords accustomed secure documents are hold on during a} single place in an exceedingly very secure approach
And with just one arcanum you'll access all different passwords and accounts informatio

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