lundi 29 octobre 2012

Télécharger Ajax Extensible Page [v 1.3]

A.E.P. is AN mythical being framework that's terribly straightforward to use with AN interface of six functions and these functions permit to make sites that area unit extended at user request from knowledge hidden into the page or taken from external files
 Text is extended at a word or as an entire. Once you have got skilled the library you are feeling duty-bound to make all of your web content during this approach, as I do. the net page of the library on the web site is protrusile and the majority future pages on the location are conjointly. a contemporary web content currently usually can embrace expand, collapse and print buttons (or links) for the convenience of holiday makers
 A short tutorial is provided in hypertext mark-up language and PDF forms
The archive includes some little demos you'll use to start out with the tool